Fortnite: Season 8 Week 1 Challenge Guide

The Fortnight White Session 8 is here for a long time, and the main seven days of difficulty are part of it. The current week’s exam set includes some of the number of initial institutions to pursue some difficult-to-face difficulties to count on a significant scale. Look at your manual how to know all of them and get yourself some warriors.

Frenite: Season 8 Week 1 Challenge Guide

Go to all the pirate camps (7)

Najir camps are expanding each other. What are you looking for, looking for family-looking and wholesale at the current things. Find out to fly on them to find the private burner banner. To complete this test, you will have to visit each of the 7 camps. Look at the guide below your specific areas:

Inquiry Chest (7) in retail queue or junk js

Checking a direct chest test to test this unique case, basically returning 7 chests in the yak gun or retail row. We recommend the zinc junction, as it will normally get less time-consumed gridcos than the retail queue.

Weapon Damage Challenges

This layered test gives you an error by harming the development of different weapons. Similarly, with difficulties on other weapon-based problems, we end up in a team match in Rumble. You can make sense and the matches are for a long time, which should enable you to stop the problems for the same match. Here are the steps:

  • Step 1: Damage to a moment in a shotgun and an animated match.
  • Step 2: Damage to a gun and strike rifle in a row is damaged.
  • Step 3: Damage connected to a single match and harmful to the hit mortar man rifle.

Face monster in the desert, forest, and snow

This is an ideal opportunity to pursue a complexity. The above guide offers you “Search” areas you are looking for. With the map of all similar maps, X indicates that place, so these specific areas are visible.

The desert should face more and more players naturally, as this season was featured in a couple of 7 challenges. You will either have to go face or face, such as shops “visit”

This blanket face is a little bit faster and is located near the south edges of the guide.

Another extension for the trials, you can discover only the eastern region of the new Sun-zone zones, separated by a bit shield.

Use volcano vent in different matches (5)

Liquid Magma Vent Fountain is another new season 8 expansion. They just work like bouncing balls; more than one cool will send you flying from the sky. To finish the test you have to use the fountain of liquid magma vent in five separate matches.

Take a shot with a shotgun, rifle and an attack on dangerous weapons

Most similarly, on the bundle, use predefined weapons to wipe different players. Similarly, with other weapon challenges, it is difficult to finish it in a team match match, but it should be difficult.

The management has been damaged by a car driven by an opponent (200).

This test is probably the hardest week of the week, because vehicles are somewhat lower. 8. Storm is not high, so you might probably have to go after Drift Board. These are effectively the most widely recognized vehicles, however, you will need to remove a pair to complete the trial. It may require a critical time to finish, keep sharp and listen for motor climbs.

Loading weekend screen challenge

The difficulties in eliminating all weeks will open the Forex chase for the principal stacking screen. The pirate sticking screen will ignore the annoying war of the star.